Letting Go and Letting God

jillstorms's Blog

Codependency is like locking yourself up in a mental institution and hiding the key from yourself. I put myself there. I stayed there willingly. I knew I was able to get myself out at any time, right? I let fear keep me there.

It wasn’t until late 2016 that I willingly and consciously made the decision to fully give control over everything (and everyone) to God. The same God that I had given my life to in 2001. I was sick and tired of the struggle. I was trying to control the outcome of my life through controlling and manipulating others. I had taken my eyes off of Jesus and sunken into the water neckdeep. One day I realized that God was the pen and I was the paper. I just had to be still and let him write my story. I became fully aware, finally, that he wasn’t…

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